Our R&D team works tirelessly for offering on-trend coverings to look fantastic any any home. Our collections' leathers are coming directly from the origin countries and are delivered to us only by the best suppliers.
To be sure of the quality we only use leathers worked and tanned in Italy, conforming to the strictest regulations, to be sure that they are totally non-toxic, hypoallergenic and that color and features last unchanged for long long time.
We are like leather, it's an unique precious material, becoming better and better with time passing. Its main quality is elasticity that allows modeling the shape when seating on it, achieving a very special kind of comfort. Leather, the same as our own skin, is natural, elastic and adaptable. Exactly like our skin it changes with time, becoming softer and taking the shape of the use, giving charm and elegance to products and evolving its own unique character.

Full Grain Leather:

Leather is a material with unique features that, getting old and being used increases in value and improve its natural qualities. Before the treatment its thickness is over 1cm.
Then it's cut in two separate layers:
- The lower part of the epidermis, the interior one, will be used for producing a finished product called "split" that will have a very limited resistance to use, low elasticity and, to resume, poor features. In furniture field this could be used only on parts that are not subject to mechanical work.
- The top layer of the epidermis, the exterior one, once cut and worked, is called "full grain" and it's the one that in nature represents the surface of the animal skin. It could show visible pores, and all the marks that occurred during the life cycle (scars, scratches etc.). On this layer can be printed the pattern of natural leather to make it look aesthetically uniform and delete the more evident marks. This is the more precious part of the skin, sweet and pleasing to the touch (Ilsat uses full grain leather).
All our leathers are tested to:
- Resistance to light: IUF 402
- Resistance to tear: IUP 8
- Resistance to torsion: IUP 20
- Resistance to rubbing (dry): IUP 450.

These parameters identify a very high quality product, long time durable..

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.2025 Red

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.01 Labrador

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.2087 Bianco Sporco

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.2042 Perla

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.2049 Talpa

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.04 Beige Grigio

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.02 Grigio Chiaro

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.03 Grigio

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col.2044 Grigio Scuro

Cat.B - Art.Principe - Col. Nero