ilsat srl - il nostro pellame

Made in Italy since 1979

ILSAT was established in 1979 in Quarrata, one of the most important regions in Italy for production of sofas and armchairs and upholstery.

The founder, Mr. Marco Melani, a professional upholsterer, begins his cooperation with the best companies in the area creating, step by step, his company's independent Brand, his symbol of quality and excellence in the world of handcrafted upholstery.

The company since the beginning has manufactured products exclusively "Made in Italy" , emphasizing this key feature starting from the first phases of the manufacturing process: the use of top quality materials, always selected with the most strict criteria, the knowledge of expert suppliers of the many components, the care and handcraft skills of our artisans, all combining to ensure that the "Ilsat" name has become synonymous with great quality reliability.

During the 80's Ilsat begins manufacturing sofas, armchairs and beds for the international market, becoming known as a serious and professional partner, exposing the brand to the most important importers and retailers all over Europe looking for a high quality product and a careful and attentive service.

In 2003 Lorenzo and Silvia, children of the founder, join their father in managing Ilsat. The principles driving the Company remain strong and even whilst the precious artisan tradition remains untouched, new stylistic innovations are introduced into the collections to improve and enhance our overall offering to our valued customers.

Ilsat today is more than ever open to the changing world, looking with a focussed eye to all the fast evolutions in fashion and the changing trends in our market. Our designers working in our Style and R&D department are on-trend and readily bring fantastic new ideas and designs for production.

The key words remain the same: Quality! Beauty! Comfort! Our Clients appreciate an extraordinary product, born to be excellent, but they as long fully appreciate that our products offer outstanding value for money.

100% Made in Italy, this is the unbreakable motto within our company. Temptations offered by delocalization will not distract Ilsat from the firm choice to manufacture totally in Italy, inside our premises, so to grant in any moment the total control of all the production steps and the consistent excellence of the final product.